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Welcome to FVA Services

We’re so glad to have you join the team! We want to take some time to ensure you are aware of your goals and expectations as a Virtual Assistant.

This handbook is a summary of FVA Services structure, policies, procedures and training curriculum. This is provided for your benefit and is required reading for everyone working as Virtual Assistant freelancer to reinforce compliance with FVA Services policies and procedures and to assist you to thrive, win, and grow at FVA.

If any statement in this handbook is not completely clear to you, please feel free to contact any of the staff of FVA Services.


About us

Filipino Virtual Assistance offers online jobs courses to freelancers, virtual assistance services to brands and businesses and franchising opportunities.

How FVA services works

Filipino Virtual Assistance provides trained and experienced virtual assistants to benefit brands and businesses. Our virtual assistants are all well-equipped in their freelancing expertise through hands on online jobs training and supervised apprenticeship with local and international clients in the marketplace.

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FVA Services

  • Social Media Management and Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Youtube Optimization
  • Graphics Design
  • Online Writing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Real Estate Investing Tasks
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Website Programming and Design
  • Video, Audio and Podcast Creation and Editing

Project Process

Project Process


General Information

Task/Job Description

The job description for each virtual assistant will vary according to the needs of the client. Once FVA Services onboards a client, a virtual assistant is chosen based on his or her area of expertise, experience and skill set.

Normally, a virtual assistant’s task assignment is discussed prior to the job offer. To see more of services offered by FVA, refer to FVA Services section.

Schedule of Work

Schedule of VAs work will be determined by the client. This will also be discussed prior to the job offer. Normally, FVA projects can range from project-based to monthly packages.


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  • Trial VA – Trial VAs are compensated beyond the 20 hrs required per week.
  • Live VA

Time tracker

A time tracker is a tool used to measure and document hours of worked on certain tasks or projects.

Although there are several free time tracking tools online, FVA advises all virtual assistants to use Clockify to standardize processes.

To sign up to Clockify, click here.

Time sheet

At the end of every shift, a Virtual Assistant is required to submit his/her screenshot of the total working hours for the day (Clockify screenshot). This is to be submitted together with the Daily Accomplishment report to Coach Jay, Coach Grace, and Team Lead.

See below image for sample:

Make sure that the screenshot contains the following:

  • Date of work
  • Total hours worked
  • Specific tasks for the day
  • Specific time of the day
  • Hours worked per task

Daily Accomplishment Report (DAR)

A virtual assistant is also required to submit his/her Daily Accomplishment Report to Coach Jay, Coach Grace, and the Team Lead. This is for accountability, reporting and quality monitoring.

All VAs must adhere to the standard template of sending Daily Accomplishment Report (DAR). Kindly refer to this document when sending DAR.

Performance Metrics


Productivity is defined as the ratio of output to input in production. This would mean producing the expected output as agreed with the client in a given amount of time, without affecting the high quality of service.

The goal is to deliver to the client the SLA or the service-level agreement at the agreed time.

  • Output
  • Deadline
  • Quality of service

Service-level agreement (SLA) is a contract between a service provider and its internal or external customers that documents what services the provider will furnish and defines the service standards the provider is obligated to meet.

Source: https://searchitchannel.techtarget.com/definition/service-level-agreement


Output is defined as services that provide value to the client. This also includes client satisfaction. FVA Services aim the timely delivery of quality outputs from virtual assistants.

Different tasks produce different outputs. Some of these expected output includes:

  • Number of leads (Lead Generation)
  • Increase in SM following (Social Media Management)
  • Reports (Research, SMM, Lead Gen etc)

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Task Submission

Task submission is expected from the VA on a daily basis. This metric includes time tracker screenshot and Daily Accomplishment Report submitted to Coach Jay, Coach Grace and Team Lead and link to documents submitted to the client.

Client Satisfaction

This is a metric used to quantify the degree to which a customer is happy with a product, service, or experience. This metric is usually calculated by deploying a client satisfaction survey, through client’s commendation or a positive review from the client.

Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/service/what-is-customer-satisfaction

Performance Evaluation

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisals are necessary process to keep freelancers’ performance in check and in line with the business requirements. Depending on the status, appraisals are conducted on a quarterly or yearly basis (management team).

At the end of each appraisal period, actual performance are compared and analyzed against the set standards.


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Since there is no employer-employe relationship, FVA is not obliged to provide benefits mandated by the law but will provide assistance on top of the regular pay depending on the length of service. Assistance can only be provided once Freelancer has already been registered as a Business or as a Freelancer/Professional.

length of service

Policy Compliance

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Client Feedback

Client Feedback basically tells us how happy or unsatisfied the clients are with their experience.

Client feedback can be in the form of a filled out satisfaction survey, client’s commendation or a positive review from the client.

See more info for Client Satisfaction here.



Virtual Assistants are expected to communicate daily (or regularly for project-based clients) basis. As a virtual assistant, he/she must work closely with the client to ensure the timely delivery of work, expected quality and accountability.

Communication varies with client. It can include daily email updates, chat or Skype call updates.

When the client scheduled a call with you;

  • Make sure that you are available during the time
  • Be mindful of the time zone difference
  • Be honest with the client when you cannot attend
  • Make sure to be on your desk 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled call

VA Services TL

FVA Services Team Lead is tasked to monitor the progress of each project to ensure that the agreed services is being done on a timely manner. Expect to be asked updates on a regular basis – daily and weekly. Communication is mainly through email but it can also include chat updates through Skype.

Should there be concerns regarding the below, please make sure to communicate with your Team Lead.

  • Work hours (for Trial VAs) should only be discussed with the TL and not the client
  • Issues with the task
  • Certain roadblocks
  • Escalate concerns or follow-ups re: non-responsive clients

FVA Management

All other concerns concerning the client and hours worked should be addressed to the FVA Management (Coach Jay, Coach Grace, Garlie Paul Uriat).

Most importantly, the VA must carbon copy (CC) Coach Jay and Coach Grace in all email conversations with the clients.

Emergency (Typhoon, flooding etc)

In the event of any emergency such as earthquake, inclement weather or fire, the VA must contact the team lead, Coach Jay, and Coach Grace directly to notify them that he/she is unable to report to work as scheduled due to emergency situation.


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You can download the PDF file here:
New Hire Orientation Checklist & Handbook