FVA Client's Feedback

This is a great avenue for VA services for those businesses that want to have their social media accounts managed if they are too busy to handle it. They can be trusted. 

To VA: She is nice and I think she did well in managing my social media accounts. 

Iyah Aguilar (The Happy Bella)

Under SMM Package

"You and your team have been great to work with. Your responsiveness to questions that we had was extremely appreciated. I am blown away at how quickly your team took over, and results have been immediate. I am excited to see the results over the first year, but already, I am more than pleased!"


Phil (Owner - Executive Realty)

Under Digital Marketing Package

"Your company is helping a lot of people how to sell more or be seen more in social media. Since I just started this online craft, it is hard for me to know where to begin. Your assistance points me in the direction where to make a start and get my business running." 

Kristin (Owner - Mandala Dot Craft)

Digital Marketing

Firstly I'd like to thank you and your staff for the fantastic work you are doing? So far, the work produced by both Crysty and Maria has been exemplary and they are a credit to your organization

Daniel Ramsey - LittleRams Toy Store

SMM, SEO and Email Marketing Package

It's been a pleasure working with Frances. I'm glad I didn't have to do much directing and corrections I would like to keep her assigned to my social media management. It's a bit easier working with someone that understands the scope of the business.

Glen Gould -Ultimate Leverage Capital

Under SMM Package

Evaluation of our VA
Indeed, it was so easy and very much comfortable working with Shirley. Very helpful, acts fast, and knowledgeable enough on what she is doing. It's a 5 star for Shirley!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Feedback for FVA (as a company)
Your team is superb! You communicate so well with your client (with me). I got a lot from this promo and I am so thankful for this opportunity. This package is so helpful for businesses that are just starting and would like to have some market in different social media platforms.

More power to your team, Jay! Happy Holidays!

Lynn Khan - Kirei H&B Shop by MDP World

Under SMM Package

First thing I really want to thank you for the help in setting up all my social media account. 


(Evaluation for our VA) For Maribel that help me all throughout this project I can’t thank you enough, you did a really great job! I enjoy working with her and also learned so many things. 

(FVA Overall) For FVA family I'm amazed of the performance of your services and the support team not only for your clients and also for the people who build the team and the project. You value your employee just like how you value your clients. This is not the end of our great relationship for I will also be a part of this program and hope to finish it soon. Once again thank you so much!

John Mark Pagaling; Healthy Inside Out

Under SMM Package

So far, my experience with FVA has been good. My current VA Michelle has been doing a great job of communicating with me, keeping my website updated and creating and posting social media content. 

Overall, I have been very happy with FVA and have recommended your services to others.

Darcy, Hope Made Designs

SMM, Website, and SEO Package


Also Liezel, I thought you'd be happy to hear this.  We have noticed a significant increase in the number of patients coming to our clinic as well as patients who are coming from higher social classes, which is great.  We attribute this directly as the result of the social media content you're managing for us. 

Keep up the good work. You're doing a great job and its making a difference!



We continue to be very happy with the work you're doing.  Again; very well done.

Two things we've witnessed; the content is helping us build a larger "community" of patients who are taking "ownership" in the clinic.  In other words, the feedback we're getting from the patients at the clinic and the on-line FB comments from the patients is confirming they're honored and proud to be affiliated with Mercy.  The feel like they're part of the Mercy family.  That's what we wanted 🙂  And second; the numbers of followers are growing.



Good morning Liezel,

The content you're posting for Mercy continues to have the positive effect we were seeking.  The midwives are very busy delivering babies so many babies for so many new patients; some of whom are actually transferring in from other birth center options.  The midwives are currently managing what we refer to as a "train wreck" which means we're delivering more than 10 babies in a 24 hour period. 

Keep up the excellent work.


Matt. Mercy Maternity Center

FVA Services Client

Evaluation of our VA
Virtual Assistant: Joy Zuniga

-Magaan katrabaho, ang nangyare po kasi parang we worked as a team.
-May respeto. Nakikita ko sa kanya yung attitude ng FVA na nakikita or binahagi samen ni Coach Grace.

-May initiative. We had an emergency and nadelay talaga yung mga response ko sa kanya that time. Nagugulat na lang ako na ginawa nya yung tingin nyang dapat nyang gawin (answering every comments on our page), hindi ko yan naisama sa tasks nya pero nakita nyang kailangan and I appreciate it po ng sobra.
-Attention to Details: Siguro dito lang po medyo kulang but it's understandable naman po kasi naging honest naman sya saken before magstart na first time nya mag SMM. I asked her to check the page and pag aralan para sa mga contents na gagawin nya and malayo po sa mga ginawa nya. Pinaliwanag ko na lang po kung bakit and gave her examples para makagawa sya ng bago. Nagawa naman po nya and ang galing. Saken lang po, nakikita ko kasi na baka hindi maging ok yun pag real client na so this is a constructive criticism po. All in all po, magaan katrabaho si Joy.

Esan Gamelo, Alex & Maggie

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 6

Evaluation of our VA  (Benzon Garing)

- Mr. Benzon Garing did a great job on my page. He keeps me updated on his work progress. Proactive and plans everything ahead of time. I love all the contents. His suggestions are helpful too. 

Feedback for FVA (as a company)

- good to know that you have this kind of program where we could experience having a professional VA to handle our social media accounts. This is highly recommended for those who are just starting their business to gain exposure and reach potential buyers. 

Kristine Suplac, Perfectly Styled

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 8

Evaluation of our VA 

I would like to commend Ms. Jasmine Baniqued for a great job she made in helping my business. It helps me a lot in creating more audience and client. She has done so much effort even this is just an apprenticeship program. She is very professional and I really appreciate all the help...Thank you so much.

Feedback for FVA (as a company)

For FVA, I am glad that your company exists and I hope that you will be able to reach and help more people in time and thank you for choosing my business as one of your subjects in your program.God Bless you more!!!. Thank you so much FVA.

Christian Bariga, Salok purified drinking water

Under Apprenticeship Program

Evaluation of our VA 

Nenette is doing very well as an intern for Brand Hive. I don't have to worry about regular updates because she has the initiative in doing the daily tasks especially during the past few days when my husband and I got sick. She was able to hold the fort on her own without me micromanaging her. 

I'm considering to hire for a part-time position while she still holds a full-time job. Eventually, as the business grows we would be able to get her board as one of our full-time staff. She is smart and teachable. She has the potential to be a brand strategist and I would love to duplicate my skills with her. 

Feedback for FVA (as a company)

Thank you for the opportunity of having topnotch virtual assistance from one of your learners.


Evaluation of our VA (Nenette)

I am very grateful that FVA accommodated me for your internship program for the 3rd time. The first 2 wasn't very successful because of miscommunication with the VAs. But as they say, 3rd time's a charm. That's what Nenette is, charm and a gem. 

From her first day of internship, she was consistent and showed up to do her work with dedication. Even if Branding and Marketing is not her area of expertise, she diligently did research work and posts taking time to understand the industry. I was surprised that at the end of one month she admitted the research and tasks were difficult but it never reflected in the quality of her work. She was excellent every time.

I didn't have to think twice of extending her engagement hopefully on a more permanent basis. We are proud to have hired her to be part of The Brand Hive Team.

Shey S. Velasquez, Brand Hive Creatives

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 9

Evaluation of our VA (Katrina Tiña)

"I would like to thank Katrina for her outstanding hard work.  Below are my comments:

Katrina's Strengths

  • With Canva, the graphics that she made are on-point and delivers her tasks earlier than you expected. She works in speed with her Canva designs and able to follow the instructions well.  If I could estimate, I think she already made like a hundred of those images so I commend her for this!

Room for Improvement:

  • At first, Katrina was struggling with creating captions on Instagram.  I understand it's not easy but she was able to improve in the following week.  The only thing that she needs to be keen about are the typographical errors, punctuation marks, spelling, and sentence construction.  As we all know, most audience/followers are "perfectionists." 1 spelling error/mistake could lead to criticism and can create a great impact on every post.
  • With different niches for different clients, Katrina needs to be more flexible with content research and keep up with the current trends.  The brighter side is, she's the best among the beginners I have worked with for this type of task.

On Time-Management:

  • Katrina was able to deliver her tasks at an earlier time as mentioned.  However, when she started having a new client, it affected her deadlines.  Although I appreciate her honesty and transparency and she was able to make it up and finish all her pending tasks before the end of the program.

On Character:

  • Katrina is respectful and never showed any attitude. She is honest and she still managed to multi-task her priorities and this is why I like her.  No one is perfect though so all I can say is that she will be an asset, a gem worth treasuring, and an employee/partner worth keeping!  Hoping I could hire her in the future for part-time projects whenever she isn't fully-booked, but I guessed she already is!

Thank you, God, for FVA Consultancy and Katrina Tina! :)"

Feedback for FVA (as a company)

"FVA Service Consultancy is a life-saver!  When I got sick, I needed someone to assist me so I don't lose my clients -- a Ghost Virtual Assistant to work on my behalf at that moment.  I am glad that God gave me FVA to help me recuperate on my health through their Apprenticeship Program. They provided me with an apprentice who exactly matches what I have been looking for.

Much gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Locsin for being there during my crisis.   For me, they're not just a company but a helping hand to the clients in need.  They have a wide pool of candidates in every skill set for Social Media, Graphics, General Virtual Assistance, and whatever your business needs.

I am forever grateful to them.  I haven't really found a company (to-date) yet who are empathetic to their client's needs.  I've seen that money is not the only thing to get a business going, but it also involves trust and a sympathetic ear, and this is what makes FVA Service Consultancy unique among others.

If you need a Virtual Assistant / Web Developer /  any virtual position for your business, don't hesitate to give FVA a call or message as their rates are affordable and reasonable, even for the start-ups.

I could say that in the future, I'll be doing business with them again.  Truly a blessing to others. :)"

Kharyn Lo, Task Helper Services

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 10

Evaluation of our VA (Noreen Armillo)

Here is my brief evaluation of Ms. Noreen's work and contribution to my newest Facebook page.

Noreen is skilled and apt in SMM tasks. She was efficient and resourceful. Also, she was polite, warm, and accommodating and very much open to suggestions. I would highly recommend Noreen's services, and would have her on top of my list should I be needing a hand in managing my business page. 

Feedback for FVA (as a company)

I am grateful to FVA for the opportunity to experience the ease of having a VA delegating minor but important tasks while I get to attend to stuff that needed my personal attention and presence. Kudos to FVA for coming up with this program, which allows their graduates to get a legup on finding clients with their experience and client feedback gained in the apprenticeship.

Thank you and more power.

Mary Jhun Itz Y Lopez, Pioneer Life Financial Planner

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 12

Evaluation of our VA 

Project: Wonderful Grace SMM Assistance

VA: Jasmine Padida

- Great communicator
- Fast delivery
- Paid attention to instructions
- Made appropriate revisions to some of the contents as per my request.
- Met deadlines

Room for improvement:
- Graphic Design skills
- Attention to very small details

VA: Jonnelyn Lanaza

Project: Crosswalk UNITED SMM Assistance

- Great communicator
- Fast delivery
- Paid attention to instructions
- Made appropriate revisions to some of the contents as per my request.
- Met deadlines

Room for improvement:
- Graphic Design skills
- Attention to very small details

They both have great potential and it has been a pleasure working with both VAs.

Feedback for FVA (as a company)

I think it's great that we're doing this for our graduates. Getting the very first online job has been a lot more challenging these days for newbies because of the competition. And they usually get out-bid by ones with more experience. So the apprenticeship program, I think is a great way to bridge that gap. I appreciate, too, how the company allows us to exercise our freedom and flexibility in working with the VAs. So, thank you!

Gaienne Dela Cruz

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 13

Evaluation of our VA 

  1.  Arceli Casiserano - She has the potential to be an excellent Social Media Manager. She was instrumental in overhauling my FB Page and rallying her teammates in ensuring that we come up with engaging content for my page.
  2. Krizza Bombeza - She creates excellent content. Together with Arceli, they made the most out of the apprenticeship program.
  3. Genaro Castillo Jr. - I love his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Just like the first two, while he has yet to contribute leads, he proceeded to create excellent content for my page. He is good on research, as well.
  4. Majorica Ramirez - She was honest enough to admit that she was not particularly confident of the task of finding leads. Still, she made the most of the program by creating content for my page.

Feedback for FVA (as a company)

I commend FVA for coming up with this Apprenticeship Program which creates an opportunity for growth and development, for both partners and freelancers. You are a company with a big heart. Throughout the program, you were there to guide both your students and partners. The program was such an enjoyable experience for me and a source of new learning. I will definitely recommend your services to people I know. I wish you more success and I look forward to a long and productive partnership with your group.

Sheryl Ann Bunag, Real Estate Investing

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 11

FEEDBACK: For VA: Irevel Catilo

Hi Jay,

We would like to give our honest feedback for Ivy's work as our Social Media Manager.

- She is creative. It shows in her created posts.

- She welcomes feedback. She is positive when we provide suggestions or corrections.

- She makes sure everything is covered when she is away. She asked for a week off but she assured us there would be content to be posted daily on our FB page.

- She respects my time. I told her in advance that I am mostly away from my PC/phone during the day but would only be able to respond during the night. I can see she adjusted her time for me.

- She has an overall positive attitude.

If we would have a chance to hire a Social Media Manager in the future, I would definitely choose her. Please let her know that the CEO is happy with her work.

Thank you!


Noela Abish D. Casta - Executive Assistant, Pose N' Look Studios

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 15

Thank  you  as  well for  considering  my  Business as part of  your Apprenticeship Program.


Ms Dolly Mae  has been very  helpful in  improving  my Business Pages  :  Monina Online  Shop  and  Eminence Events Management. Though  she  mentioned from the start that  Time  might  be  a problem to her  due  to her  work , she  was  able  to  deliver  more than  what  I  expected.

Like Me  she  was also  a  newbie in Freelancing   so  she  quite  struggle  at  first but  eventually  was able to  improve along the way. She’s  a fast learner  and  her  future  clients will be  very pleased .  I really hoped  she  had more time to  work  for me .


 I am always thankful for  FVA  , I  myself  also enrolled  and  was able to finish  3  courses already :  Virtual Assistant Course /SMM  and  SEO. Unfortunately  due to schedule  constraints  I wasn’t able  to  really  put it  to  actual work . But  still  I am  confident that I will be able  to pursue  my career in Freelancing through your  help . Thank you  very much , Merry Christmas  and  God  Bless

Ma Ramonita S. Caliva, RSC BOUTIQUE

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 16


Stephanie is responsible as a VA apprentice and open-minded to constructive criticisms. She is willing to accept challenges to improve her skill. She will be a great asset to her future clients. God bless!

FVA as a company

FVA is a great help to business/social media page/website owners. Having an apprentice give us an opportunity to help train apprentices as well as they also help us back in building our online presence. Thank you, FVA. More power!

VA Performance ( Lyka Monleon ) 

As for Lyka, I highly recommend her as a VA! She made a big improvement on all the SM accounts of milliSCENTS. Lyka communicates well and has brilliant ideas. She sees to it that she meets the deadline of the weekly report too. 

FVA as a company

For FVA, thank you so much for letting milliSCENTS be part of your apprenticeship program as business partner! They have been training the best VAs, the Philippines and soon, the world has to offer. With their apprenticeship program, they see to it that they are preparing their graduates and armed them with the best weapons in the VA or online world. Hence, I could recommend FVA Services if you are interested to hire a virtual assistant for your business.

Jasmine Esperanza (Author)

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 17

VA Performance ( Marissa Falcis ) 

She’s very nice and hands-on on her work. There’s a time which she cannot connect to those social media sites she makes a way and ask what she will do. I am very thankful to her for the support and helping me to schedule posts each day. Though we have sudden pandemic issues worldwide which cause for travel ban I’ll suggest her for well job done. 

FVA as a company

FVA is a great company for helping out their students to get an apprenticeship program. Through this program it helps students to apply what they learned from their coaches. And I am very grateful that even though the students are done with their lessons, still coaches make a way to help students from sharing the knowledge they have.

Crisalyn Padua, AC Biyahe Travel and Tour

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 18

Thank you once again for selecting our start up company as one of the recipients of your Apprenticeship Program. 

Evaluation of our  VA (Miraflor Depillo) - Ms Mira has been prompt in submitting her daily accomplishments and notifies us if there are things that will require more time to be completed. She is also open to feedback, shares her own ideas and keeps us updated where she's at on her scheduled tasks. Above all, we had a good working relationship with Ms. Mira and we wish her all the best in her journey as a freelancer.

Feedback for FVA (as a company) -  We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to FVA Services for this unique and wonderful opportunity that you have given us during this program. As a start up company, the Apprenticeship Program allowed us to get valuable insights on how we can improve and become more creative in our digital marketing campaigns. It has also given us that extra push to think outside-of-the box and learn to use these strategies so we can effectively communicate with our target audience esp in social media.

May God bless you more and we wish you and the company all the best!

Cris Loreto, Purple Skies Travel and Tours

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 18

VA Performance (Ardie Cabillon ) 

I met Ardie through Filipino Virtual Assistance. He helps me manage my Facebook Business page. He is efficient and very professional. He is attentive to detail and able to deliver on time. I recommend Ardie for anyone who is looking for a proactive social media manager. 

FVA as a company

I’m giving Filipino Virtual Assistance a 5-Star Rating! It’s a professional virtual assistant trainer and provider in the Philippines. FVA understands how busy business owners can run and grow their businesses with the help of virtual assistants. No matter what industry you’re in, retail, real estate or e-commerce, you can find the right virtual assistant for you at FVA!

I definitely recommend their services!


Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 18

Hi FVA team,

Blessed Sunday to all!

 Here are my deliverables pst FVA Apprenticeship program partnership with your company:

VA Performance (June Frideliza Oroc

Ms June Oroc was very resourceful. She was only given a few instructions and samples, and she was able to come up with even more useful and helpful ideas for our ad campaigns. Her job required a lot of research and I commend her ability to find ways especially if I am not available. I am sure she will succeed with her endeavor with her attitude and working spirit.

FVA as a company

I am very thankful to FVA for having this apprenticeship program, very timely during this crisis. While she assisted me on our regular ads, I was able to do preparations and strategies for our business as this pandemic crisis continues to change business settings. Your program is also highly recommended since it does not only help your business but you are helping people as well. Training them and giving them the chance to immerse in this kind of job is a very good opportunity for them to learn from the hardest ways and come out of their comfort zones and reach out to enhance their abilities. Thank you so much.

Cathlyn prima, TMPOTS International Inc

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 19

VA Performance (Abegail Amador

Aby is a great Admin VA to work with she goes above and beyond to complete a task. She is a quick learner. she helped me a lot in designing my email templates and other general works. I would totally recommend her.

FVA as a company

FVA was the right decision, I took. They are quick and professional at their work. They know their work really well. My workday is made easier with their assistance. Implementation and training were quick. They listen to what all my requests are complete them ASAP.

Elixir Virtual Works

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 19

Evaluation of our  VA (Ma. Roselle Bautista)

I commend Ms. Roselle for being attentive, passionate and hard working in managing my Social Media Page. She helps me in making my page more engaging and helpful. Thank you Ms. Roselle for sharing your creativity and knowledge.

Feedback for FVA (as a company)

FVA does provide quality work and I can see that in their students. I also commend FVA for sharing, emparting and making the lives of every business people engage in social media by making it easier by availing to their services. Thank you and more Power to FVA.

Jim Ogsimer, Purtier Placenta International

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 20

Evaluation of our  VA (Melanie Estopia)

  1. Reliability - Melanie is very reliable, her response time is almost real time.
  2. Efficiency - Her weekly post plan were great. She was able to shadow business owner's style after the first week of engagement.

Feedback for FVA (as a company)

  • The match of VA's profile and experience to the business/owner is acceptable.
  • The background and skill set of the firm's leadership team is outstanding and admirable.
  • The cost structure of the consulting firm's fees is very welcomed as it is complimentary. It would definitely encourage loyalty from business owners.
  • The ability of the consulting firm to respond to issues and risks is always real-time, which is absolutely critical in order to provide quality service.

My overall experience was superb and I would definitely hire a VA from FVA, if only my economic condition and the travel industry's state improve soon. 

Hope this helps and thank you once again.

Annelibeth Oliveros, JohnAnne Travel and Tours

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 20

As part of our recent collaboration please see below requested evaluations/comments with regards to FVA as business & Rhea as our VA for a month.

Feedback for FVA :

This program is a very strategic move made by your company. While providing quality training to your graduates you can also provide free VA services to external clients. As a client, this is a huge help for us to improve our presence in social media. Since this is a free service, initially I thought that this is just a training program and I never expect anything out of it, but I was wrong . Your graduate reflects your business as they are well trained and capable of doing what is expected from them. Since I have seen the level of expertise shared to us by your student in helping our business grow, I, myself decided to enroll in two of your courses and currently working on my own portfolio. This is a very effective marketing strategy since I was convinced that I can acquire these amounts of knowledge and new skills from your courses by looking how your graduates work. Thank you very much.

Evaluation to VA (Reynosa Elepaño):

Rhea’s strengths are communication skills and being proactive. She is always coming up with these new ideas that surprises me because it really improves the business. She is the one initiating our conversation and providing updates on our status and making sure that we are on the same page. She’s a great ambassador of your brand and I’m sure your future clients will be satisfied with her services. She is well organized and always prepared when I do have some questions and clarifications. She knows how manage client’s expectations and identify what the client needs. She also came up with great marketing plans and contents that boosts our engagement level of our page like a thousand-fold . Our likes and followers increased by 600% from day 1 of our collaboration program. This achievements are not possible w/o her help and initiatives. She made all this possible using her acquired skills in your courses and guidelines from her coach.

As her client, I can say that she is a wonderful VA and very happy to have her to do the business with me. Using her knowledge in virtual assistance & social media management, she can meet all my expectations and even exceed it in some cases. But I also believe that we should hire not based on skills alone but based on attitude as well. Having said that, I can strongly recommend her to any client since she has a very pleasant personality as well while maintaining the professionalism in our engagement. I think we became friend right after our first meeting because of her client management skills and genuine interest to help me in my business. I was also impressed because she came prepared during our first meeting because she knows already the business , content that we initially added before the engagement, and that alone says a lot about her.

I believe FVA will be proud of her and hopefully give her a chance to obtain more clients in the future.

All the best,

Karl Mark F Carandang, Donkey Car Rental Services

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 21

Evaluation to VA (Carolina Villanueva):

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for providing me a VA for my business. I would like to say that Ms. Carolina is Satisfactory when it comes to doing her task on scheduling and posting content on my Facebook business page. I already told her to watch a little bit on the grammar and spellings of the words before posting the contents. But, overall she can learn easily and can move forward in applying to jobs.

Feedback for FVA :

About FVA consultancy, I always believe in your endeavors to help aspiring Filipinos to become freelancers and work at home individuals not only competent but also inspired employees. For me, I look forward to applying what I had trained for in your company in the future and in God's time.

Analyn Montes, Aqua Zhane Purified Water Station

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 21

Evaluation to VA (Divina Balcueva Sobrio):

She is very active and helpful in dealing with every project especially on how she can help me. She updates me with her progress as to when she is on her tasks. 

Feedback for FVA :

I felt honored and glad to know that FVA has provided a lot of opportunities to grow my business in the digital world especially letting me borrow their apprentice Divina. You guys have the passion to help every business. How awesome it is know that you have been blessed with mentors who are willing to guide neophytes VAs. Thank you, thank you, VA. Hope to be part of your program soon. 🙂

Debbie Q. Villariasa, Personal School Assistance provides digital academic tutorial and assistance with the subjects English and Mathematics.

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 21

Evaluation to VA (Barbara Lou A. Williams):

Barbara has been helpful with the SMM Tasks that I ask her. Her contents are informative. She was able to practice her creativity in posting contents for my page. Thanks so much!

Feedback for FVA :

On the other hand, FVA played a big role and was able to monitor and manage the VA well. Very detailed reporting and follow up. Thanks too! 🙂

MJ Cabradilla

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 21

Evaluation to VA (Pee Jay Marzo):

Hi Jay good day. 

I would like to say Thank you for choosing us to be part of your apprenticeship program. 

Our evaluation with Pee Jay is he is very responsive and well adapted to our culture, respectful, willingness to learn. 

Feedback for FVA :

About FVA, it’s very nice to have this apprenticeship for your graduates to allow them to gain exposure. Continue with this. 

Ruselle Lontoc, Yutovi Masterbites Food Station/Siomai King & Siopao da King brand

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 21

Evaluation to VA 

(Michelle Andrade -  CS)

(Stephanie Enriquez - Video Editing)

Michelle and Stephie made a great image on my page. Stephie was awesome when it comes to video editing. Michelle made great contents for the page 

Feedback for FVA :

Thank you for your company. Very well done FVA. Thank you for the free service. It is a big help for my page. God bless FVA, Michelle and Stephie.

Mary Ann A. Gerardo, Bright Kidz Learning Camp Inc.

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 22

Evaluation to VA (Ma. Virginia Bilo)

Hello. I am grateful to be a part of your program and thankful as well to Virginia who have been very inquisitive regarding the tasks. She is proactive and very willing to learn and help me out in my social media accounts.  

Feedback for FVA :

FVA provided the help for a small business owner and experience for the apprentice through this program. Thank you very much. God bless us all.

Agnes Coeli A. Bugaoisan, KusYna

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 22

- Evaluation for Ms. Kerstie Kate Ramayla

I'm happy and thankful for her effort for the past month. It really gave my small business' social media account a life during these hard times(pandemic). My facebook page got noticed by Facebook users tho I was expecting to get bookings but it's also understandable because we are not yet allowed to do mass gatherings these days. Before she became my business' VA, we rarely post on our social media account. We only post during event day to show our facebook likers the final output of our works. I'm not sure about this but is it included in the Social Media Manager's task that she must suggest effective promotions so that I can get bookings? Or is it Social Media Marketing's job?

Also, what she did gave me an idea to pursue an everyday post on our social media accounts so we will be noticed by facebook users even during the pandemic. I'm so thankful for this opportunity. I think all she needs to improve is her editing skills so that it can be more appealing to social media users.

- Feedback for FVA

I'm delighted and so much thankful for this opportunity especially that I know FVA has a good reputation for this field. I also took up VA course from your company and to be honest, I've learned a lot. I can't wait to use the skills and knowledge I've learned from your company to my future clients. Also, it gave me an idea on how to handle future clients with the help of Ms. Kerstie's performance during the free 1 month service you gave me. I'm also planning to take up another course from your company soon. 

Thank you!

Crystal Sumulong, Event Management by CLS & Shop Like Crissy

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 22

- Evaluation for Jeannette Gutierrez

Jeannette is very cooperative even if I am totally clueless about the business page that I have. She is responsive and she exceeds my expectations. She actively maintain all my social media platforms especially in creating logos for my business which I totally appreciate it.   She can be my go to social media  wizard if ever I need someone again in the future and she has an exquisite graphic designs for branding. She is a rockstar! I will miss you, Jean! Kudos!

- Feedback for FVA

I am very thankful for this company. They helped a lot of newbie freelancers to have an abundant life especially in this critical time. Salute to the FVA especially to Coach Jay and Coach Grace, I will never regret I enrolled and invest my money for choosing FVA as my mentees Because they will never leave you not until you get your dream client. I may have not started my course with them yet but I know in my heart I can count on them (this FVA company to be exact). Thank you  FVA for choosing to help struggling business during this pandemic. SA uulitin po coach😉. God bless you and this company. Sana marami pa kayong matulongan.

Kristine Saul, Bohol Joyride Rent a Car Travel & Tours

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 23

First of all, I would like to thank you for offering this kind of opportunity to help small business owners like me to get more prospective clients, to get our FB page to have more likes, and to raise awareness of our product.

- Evaluation for Paula Dominique Pescador

Paula was a really dedicated VA and she always makes a follow-up for another task that will be given to her. I like Paula for being kind and sincere about what she was doing. She puts effort and passion into all her tasks.

Paula did really a great job!

- Feedback for FVA

Your company is a big help to all small business owners especially this pandemic. I hope you can still continue offering this kind of service to all small business owners while your VAs are getting experience with their future job.

Thank you.

Rafael Joseph Forcadilla, RC Gourmet Bagoong

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 21

- Evaluation for Anna Angelica dela Cruz  

“Anna as a VA is very reliable and is responsive to messages. She does her work efficiently and gets her task done on time. Our website was done professionally and with good quality. I highly recommend  her. Good job, Anna! “

- Feedback for FVA

“FVA Team is great! We are thankful for this opportunity you have given us. It is true that you help businesses grow. You have produced efficient and quality VAs which make your company stands out. Thank you so much again! More power and God bless! “

Joseph Mari Poblete, 8th Mile Autoworks

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 22

Jenissa Oroc, Reliv Distributor

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 23

- Evaluation for Deanna Bulaon and Michelle Catherine Tubay

Maraming salamat po s pag-assist sa page ko. Special thanks to Maam Michelle and Maam Deanna. Sa ngayon, ang dating chatbot sa page ko, naayos na po. At mayroon na po akong website sa page, salamat po.

- Evaluation for Rose Ann Joy Tapang

As for Rose, some of her strengths are being on time, acknowledging her weakness, and being honest, Whatever type of industry you are in, I believe that most clients appreciate honest people than those who are too confident of themselves.

- Feedback for FVA

Salamat po sa program  niyo. Malaking tulong po sa mga tulad ko na may mag-assist po sa page. Mabait po si Maam Michelle and Maam Deanna, kahit na late ako makapagreply.

Sana nakatulong din po ako sa kanila. Again, maraming salamat po sa inyo FVA Business Consultancy.

Thank you for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm glad to be part of this virtual family. I'm proud of being a Filipino, to have met a community like yours. I'm barely new, I have tons of things to learn and a long journey to walk.


Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 23

- Evaluation for Maryjane Pepito

The VA you assigned to me   Mary Jane Pepito, did a very good job. She is a hard worker, polite, and most of all, she is willing to learn.  If  I am a veteran on Amazon fba, I would surely hire her, but then I am also a newbie, and  most of the time, I’m into analysis paralysis. 

Thank you so much for the opportunity and I would surely recommend your company to others. 

- Feedback for FVA

Good day.  First of all, I would like to thank you for the trust and the opportunity to work with your team. I am new to this and was trying to test the waters, and I am glad that you weren’t too strict to only accept people with companies. I believe your group is very helpful to both entrepreneurs and VA.

Grace Oldenburger

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 23

I am very grateful to you and the FVA family for extending help to my online business during these trying times.

- Evaluation for Julienne Olaso

Julienne is a creative and efficient graphic designer. She has significantly contributed towards designing our catalogue and even offered to fix our existing website. Because of Julienne, I already have a vastly improved IG and Facebook feeds.

 Julienne is very responsive to the needs of her client and even extended a few more days just to complete the tasks being asked from her.

 For these reasons, I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help, particularly with graphic design. Actually, I would like to avail of her services again very soon.

- Feedback for FVA

Here are the things that I appreciate about FVA:

Provides quality and highly-skilled VA

Provides Virtual Assistants that have good attitude, trustworthy and dependable

Contributes in the growth of small businesses

I therefore recommend FVA to other small business owners for their VA support needs.

 Thank you again and more power!

Deceryl Lacsamana, Your Go To Naturals

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 23

- Evaluation for Stella Rincoraya

I truly am grateful for this apprenticeship program with FVA!

I am really blessed to have worked with Stella Marie Rincoraya,

her hard work and effort to optimize my Fb page is so noteworthy.

The campaign that she did, the branding that she worked on, and the way she engaged with our audience organically is truly amazing.

I am thankful beyond words for her efforts and cooperation with me for the past 30days. She always sees to it that I have my concerns addressed as fast as she possibly could.

- Feedback for FVA

I may not be able to experience all these without the help of FVA.

So to speak, FVA is a home for smart and really helpful Virtual Assistants!

I am truly thankful for everything!

More power to FVA!

Geraldine Taupo, Healthy PIcks Wellness

Under Apprenticeship Program Batch 23