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Filipino Virtual Assistance provides trained and experienced virtual assistants to benefit brands and businesses. Our virtual assistants are all well-equipped in their freelancing expertise through hands on online jobs training and supervised apprenticeship with local and international clients in the marketplace.
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Jackylou Babiera

Social Media Marketing/ Manager, General Virtual Assistant

1 Year(s) experience 0 projects worked

Jasmine Baniqued

Social Media & Email Marketing Expert

5 years experience 0 projects worked

Joanna Marie Sepada

General Virtual Assistant / Graphic Designer

6 years experience 0 projects worked

Saffron Tamayo

Bookkeeping | Web Designer | Virtual Assistant

1 Year(s) experience 0 projects worked

Jhay Anne Regil

E-commerce Virtual Assistant

1 Year(s) experience 0 projects worked

Ivan Edward Dela Rosa

Digital Marketing Specialist

13 years experience 0 projects worked

Chatur Alcachopas Villarta

Social Media Manager

1 Year(s) experience 0 projects worked

Ma Teresita Pugon

Professional VA

2 years experience 0 projects worked

Ingrid Ruiz

Onlline Admin Support

0 years experience 0 projects worked

Marvin Gorres

Graphics Designer | Social Media Manager & Content Creator

3 years experience 0 projects worked

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Feedback for FVA

"You and your team have been great to work with. Your responsiveness to questions that we had was extremely appreciated. I am blown away at how quickly your team took over, and results have been immediate. I am excited to see the results over the first year, but already, I am more than pleased!"

Phil (Owner), Executive Realty

Availed the Social Media, Website Creation, Content Marketing, Email Marketing Package + SEO

Feedback for our VA

She is nice and I think she did well with managing my social media accounts.

Feedback for FVA

This is a great avenue for VA services for those businesses that wants to have their social media accounts managed if they are too busy to handle it. They can be trusted.

Iyah Aguilar, The Happy Bella

Availed the Social Media Package

Feedback for FVA

"Your company is helping a lot of people how to sell more or be seen more in social media. Since I just started this online craft, it is hard for me to know where to begin. Your assistance points me to the direction where to make a start and get my business running."

Kristin (Owner), Mandala Dot Craft

Availed the Digital Marketing Package

Feedback for VA

"Firstly I'd like to thank you and your staff for the fantastic work you are doing? So far, the work produced by both Crysty and Maria has been exemplary and they are a credit to your organization."

Daniel Ramsey, LittleRams Toy Store

Availed the Email Marketing and SEO Package

Feedback for our VA

It's been a pleasure working with Frances. I'm glad I didn't have to do much directing and corrections I would like to keep her assigned to my social media management. It's a bit easier working with someone that understands the scope of the business.

Glen Gould, Ultimate Leverage Capital

Availed the Social Media Package

Feedback for our VA

Indeed, it was so easy and very much comfortable working with Shirley. Very helpful, acts fast, and knowledgeable enough on what she is doing. It's a 5 star for Shirley! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Feedback for FVA

Your team is superb! You communicate so well with your client (with me). I got a lot from this promo and I am so thankful for this opportunity. This package is so helpful for businesses that are just starting and would like to have some market in different social media platforms.

Lynn Khan, Kirei H&B Shop by MDP World

Availed the Social Media Package

Feedback for our VA
Virtual Assistant: Joy Zuniga

-Magaan katrabaho, ang nangyare po kasi parang we worked as a team.
-May respeto. Nakikita ko sa kanya yung attitude ng FVA na nakikita or binahagi samen ni Coach Grace.
-May initiative. We had an emergency and nadelay talaga yung mga response ko sa kanya that time. Nagugulat na lang ako na ginawa nya yung tingin nyang dapat nyang gawin (answering every comments on our page), hindi ko yan naisama sa tasks nya pero nakita nyang kailangan and I appreciate it po ng sobra.
-Attention to Details: Siguro dito lang po medyo kulang but it's understandable naman po kasi naging honest naman sya saken before magstart na first time nya mag SMM. I asked her to check the page and pag aralan para sa mga contents na gagawin nya and malayo po sa mga ginawa nya. Pinaliwanag ko na lang po kung bakit and gave her examples para makagawa sya ng bago. Nagawa naman po nya and ang galing. Saken lang po, nakikita ko kasi na baka hindi maging ok yun pag real client na so this is a constructive criticism po. All in all po, magaan katrabaho si Joy.

Esan Gamelo, Alex & Maggie

Under Apprenticeship Program

First thing I really want to thank you for the help in setting up all my social media account.

Feedback for our VA

For Maribel that help me all throughout this project I can’t thank you enough, you did a really great job! I enjoy working with her and also learned so many things.

Feedback for FVA

For FVA family I'm amazed of the performance of your services and the support team not only for your clients and also for the people who build the team and the project. You value your employee just like how you value your clients. This is not the end of our great relationship for I will also be a part of this program and hope to finished it soon. Once again thank you so much!

John Mark Pagaling, Healthy Inside Out

Availed the SMM Package

Feedback for our VA

So far, my experience with FVA has been good. My current VA Michelle has been doing a great job of communicating with me, keeping my website updated and creating and posting social media content.

Feedback for FVA

Overall, I have been very happy with FVA and have recommended your services to others.

Darcy, HopeMade Designs

Availed the SMM & Website Package

Feedback for our VA

Mr. Benzon Garing did a great job on my page. He keeps me updated on his work progress. Proactive and plans everything ahead of time. I love all the contents. His suggestions are helpful too.

Feedback for FVA

Good to know that you have this kind of program where we could experience having a professional VA to handle our social media accounts. This is highly recommended for those who are just starting their business to gain exposure and reach potential buyers.

Kristine Suplac, Perfectly Styled

Under Apprenticeship Program

Evaluation of our VA

I would like to commend Ms. Jasmine Baniqued for a great job she made in helping my business. It helps me a lot in creating more audience and client. She has done so much effort even this is just an apprenticeship program. She is very professional and I really appreciate all the help...Thank you so much.

Feedback for FVA

For FVA, I am glad that your company exists and I hope that you will be able to reach and help more people in time and thank you for choosing my business as one of your subjects in your program.God Bless you more!!!. Thank you so much FVA.

Christian Bariga, Salok Purified Drinking Water

Under Apprenticeship Program

Feedback for our VA

Nenette is doing very well as an intern for Brand Hive. I don't have to worry about regular updates because she has the initiative in doing the daily tasks especially during the past few days when my husband and I got sick. She was able to hold the fort on her own without me micromanaging her.

I'm considering to hire for a part-time position while she still holds a full-time job. Eventually, as the business grows we would be able to get her board as one of our full-time staff. She is smart and teachable she has the potential to be a brand strategist and I would love to duplicate my skills with her.


I am very grateful that FVA accommodated me for your internship program for the 3rd time. The first 2 wasn't very successful because of miscommunication with the VAs. But as they say, 3rd time's a charm. That's what Nenette is, charm and a gem.

From her first day of internship, she was consistent and showed up to do her work with dedication. Even if Branding and Marketing is not her area of expertise, she diligently did research work and posts taking time to understand the industry. I was surprised that at the end of one month she admitted the research and tasks were difficult but it never reflected in the quality of her work. She was excellent every time.

I didn't have to think twice of extending her engagement hopefully on a more permanent basis. We are proud to have hired her to be part of The Brand Hive Team.

Feedback for FVA

Thank you for the opportunity of having topnotch virtual assistance from one of your learners.

Shey S. Velasquez, Brand Hive Creatives

Under Apprenticeship Program

Evaluation of our VA

"I would like to thank Katrina for her outstanding hard work. Thank you, God, for FVA Consultancy and Katrina Tina! :)"

Feedback for FVA

FVA Service Consultancy is a life-saver!  When I got sick, I needed someone to assist me so I don't lose my clients -- a Ghost Virtual Assistant to work on my behalf at that moment.  I am glad that God gave me FVA to help me recuperate on my health through their Apprenticeship Program. They provided me with an apprentice who exactly matches what I have been looking for.

I could say that in the future, I'll be doing business with them again.  Truly a blessing to others. 🙂

Kharyn Lo, Task Helper Services

Under Apprenticeship Program

Evaluation of our VA 

Here is my brief evaluation of Ms. Noreen's work and contribution to my newest Facebook page.

Noreen is skilled and apt in SMM tasks. She was efficient and resourceful. Also, she was polite, warm, and accommodating and very much open to suggestions. I would highly recommend Noreen's services, and would have her on top of my list should I be needing a hand in managing my business page. 

Feedback for FVA

I am grateful to FVA for the opportunity to experience the ease of having a VA delegating minor but important tasks while I get to attend to stuff that needed my personal attention and presence. Kudos to FVA for coming up with this program, which allows their graduates to get a legup on finding clients with their experience and client feedback gained in the apprenticeship.

Thank you and more power.

Mary Jhun Itz Y Lopez, Pioneer Life Financial Planner

Under Apprenticeship Program

Feedback for VA's: Jasmine Padida and Jonnelyn Lanaza

  • Great communicator
  • Fast delivery
  • Paid attention to instructions
  • Made appropriate revisions to some of the contents as per my request.
  • Met deadlines

They both have great potential and it has been a pleasure working with both VAs.

Feedback for FVA (as a company)

I think it's great that we're doing this for our graduates. Getting the very first online job has been a lot more challenging these days for newbies because of the competition. And they usually get out-bid by ones with more experience. So the apprenticeship program, I think is a great way to bridge that gap. I appreciate, too, how the company allows us to exercise our freedom and flexibility in working with the VAs. So, thank you!

Gaienne Dela Cruz, Wonderful Grace and Crosswalk UNITED

SMM Assistance Under Apprenticeship Program

Evaluation of our VA 

  1. Arceli Casiserano - She has the potential to be an excellent Social Media Manager. She was instrumental in overhauling my FB Page and rallying her teammates in ensuring that we come up with engaging content for my page.
  2. Krizza Bombeza - She creates excellent content. Together with Arceli, they made the most out of the apprenticeship program.
  3. Genaro Castillo Jr. - I love his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Just like the first two, while he has yet to contribute leads, he proceeded to create excellent content for my page. He is good on research, as well.

Feedback for FVA (as a company)

I commend FVA for coming up with this Apprenticeship Program which creates an opportunity for growth and development, for both partners and freelancers. You are a company with a big heart. Throughout the program, you were there to guide both your students and partners. The program was such an enjoyable experience for me and a source of new learning. I will definitely recommend your services to people I know. I wish you more success and I look forward to a long and productive partnership with your group.

Sheryl Ann Bunag, DMCI Homes Real Estate Investing

Under Apprenticeship Program

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